Kara Dealle

Hope At the End of the Tunnel

Infidelity in a marriage leaves a trail of destruction. It shatters the fundamentals of a marriage. You find yourself is shock, dealing with a great loss. You end up surveying the damage: a loss of trust, the loss of respect and the loss of innocence. Affairs crush a belief system, a traditional foundation you rely on when building your lives together.
It is estimated 40% -50% of all marriages will have some sort of infidelity. Research shows 90% of all divorces involve infidelity.
Even with the dismal statistics, and ever growing hurdles marriages can be saved. They can survive even after a partner has been unfaithful. An affair does not have to mean the end, if both partners are willing to save the marriage. Ben and I found our marriage mauled and distorted after I discovered his affair. The lessons we learned through this experience were invaluable. Our relationship is stronger than it was before. Our family is still intact. We learned not only how to survive an affair but how to thrive after one.
53 printed pages
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