Elaine Larkins

Reasons New Converts Backslide

Reasons New Converts Backslide investigates the pattern—manifest too often in the life of the church—in which new converts to the Christian faith find the flames of their initial zeal for life in Christ fading to smoldering embers. When that happens, they fall away from the church and lapse back into the ways of life they led before their conversions. Known as backsliding—this pattern presents challenges both to the spiritual lives of individuals and the shared life of the Christian community. Grounded upon more than twenty-five years of personal experience and insights gleaned from the Scriptures and the life of the church, Elaine Larkins’ exploration of backsliding offers encouragement to neophyte Christians and insights to church leaders caring for people new to the faith. Larkins presents key passages from the Scriptures that offer guidance for new Christians, explores the theological questions that arise when Christians fall away from the church, and diagnoses the challenges that backsliding presents to the vitality of God’s church. Whether you are a new convert to Christianity, an established church member, or someone called to a position of leadership, Reasons New Converts Backslide offers a blend of insights, grounded both in the Scriptures and in the ups and downs of life in the church, that offers approaches for living out your faith and for treating new Christians with the loving care they need in order to thrive in the life of faith.
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