Matthieu Jason

Gay Stories – My First Man

To start with this is a true story that happened to me about nineteen years ago. It is about my first and only bisexual encounter. This is the first time I have told this story, so I hope you enjoy it, and who knows maybe some one close to me will read it and be able to help me explore my bi-side a little further.

I live if North Central Texas, and was on a business trip to South Florida, I had been away from my wife for about two week's. I decided to check out the local bar's, and have a few drinks, even try to pick up one of the local women.

I had just entered the second bar of the night, when I notice a young man looking at me. I first thought I might have strayed into a gay bar, but quickly noticed there were couples all around. When I went to pay for my second drink, the bartender told me it had already been taken care of by the man I had noticed earlier. I know I should have refused the drink, but I didn't.

The young man came over and ask if he could set at my table…
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