Kiara Jade McKenzie

Central Line

Bite nature's hand. She'll bite back.

It has been twenty-two years since the Regeneratio-the day the Ascendency came into office to govern what remains of the human race.
The Ascendency spares nobody. No man, woman, or child is safe unless their genetic makeup has been altered at the hands of a trained biochemist whose work is meant to ensure the superiority and longevity of humankind. Systems of religion and traditional medicine have been phased out, while social hierarchies thrive. But amidst the horror that comes with extinguishing a billion “ineligible” lives, particular individuals, deemed inhuman, developed exceptional abilities-a result of spontaneous evolution. And, lurking in the shadows of the earth, a rebellion awaits.
Miles Amissa. Daughter of Murus Amissa, the Ascendency's vice-chancellor. Born during the year of the Regeneratio. The values and laws of the Ascendency make up the very core of her existence, but her heart wanders elsewhere. She is the opposite of her authoritative, hard-headed father-timid, private and, most notably, a woman. This misfortune, though not of her own choosing, hinders her ability to challenge the ideas and positions of those in power.
After blackmail falls upon the Amissa name, Miles makes a choice-a choice that leads her straight into the path of Silens and Currens, two rebels. Under their influence, the tarnished pieces behind the Ascendency's framework are brought to light, as are the secrets behind her ancestry. But can Miles come to terms with her identity, more intertwined with the impending war than she thought, or will the rebellion fall, leaving all of humanity to the corrupt hands of the Ascendency?

Nobiscum deus esse omnia.
God be with us all.
227 printed pages
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