Brian Baker


DID GOD CREATE MANKIND OR DID MANKIND CREATE GOD?This is the central and most vital question posed by former Pastor and International speaker Brian Baker.In 1979 he and his wife founded a church in Perth, Western Australia which in the space of less than ten years became the largest single congregation in the city and one of the largest in Australia. He resigned from the ministry in 1989 when his marriage finally ended. Since then he has spent much time examining his personal faith. This book is the result of Brian's research and re-evaluation of his former beliefs.Brian boldly questions the very existence of God and uses the Bible, which is said to be the â€˜Word of God’ to provide evidence that God is NOT the â€˜Intelligent Designer’ God creator of the universe as Christians have claimed in recent times. Here are reasons why this former dedicated Christian fundamentalist is now a Realist, Rationalist, Skeptic and Atheist.If you are a Christian – this is a book your church will not want you to read!If you have questions about the validity of the Bible and faith in God and the afterlife – this is a book you should consider.NEW EDITION 2011
208 printed pages
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