Steven Harper


A novel of The Silent Empire. In the future, dreams keep the universe running. Dreamers, known as &quote;Silent,&quote; are able to look into other people's dreams, communicate with other Silent across the galaxy, and speak to aliens. The Silent construct dreams for themselves more vivid than reality. But some dreams have become nightmares… Kendi Weaver doesn't know he's Silent. Hijacked into slavery, he has resigned himself to a life of servitude. Then the discovery of his innate gift for dream communication changes everything. Suddenly Kendi is a very valuable commodity. He is rescued by the Children of Irfan — a society dedicated to freeing enslaved Silent — and taken to their planet, Bellerophon. But Bellerophon is hardly a safe refuge. A brutal serial killer is murdering Silent in their telepathic dreams, and Kendi is soon embroiled in a world of madness and murder. To catch the killer, he must enter the victims' dreams…
370 printed pages



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