Tony Sheppard


Fame and fortune come easily to Esther, the most beautiful girl in the world. But events in far-away places and situations over which she has no control threaten to consume her, body and soul. Having dreams she does not understand, Esther's indomitable spirit and the love of husband, Ricky, are her support as she is led inexorably to her destiny.


ESTHER. Having buried her virtuous nature beneath a steely determination to succeed, fame and fortune came easily to Esther, the most beautiful girl in the world. But powerful men in far-away places and situations over which she has no control put her life at risk. Esther is not alone, however: a mystical force leads her to her real destiny.

RICKY is a nice guy toughened by the experience of divorce. He meets Esther on a return flight to England having won a World Poker Tour Championship event in Las Vegas. Richer by $2,000,000, he is in celebratory mood and asks her to join him in a glass of champagne. They share a meal, and enjoy each other’s company throughout the remainder of the flight. For the first time since his divorce, Ricky is interested enough in a woman to find out more about her. But, only days after meeting Esther, he wondered what he had got himself in to.

MARGARET soon realised that men’s heads could be more easily turned and their pockets emptied if she presented an attractive front. She bought designer dresses three sizes too small, then lost weight until her figure was sleek enough to fit into them… when her transformation was complete, she planned her next move: It would be on Esther, her sister.
485 printed pages
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