Jamie Fewery

The Brink

Dan and Anya Moorcroft have decided to get a divorce. Together, they’ve done it all. Two kids, three owned houses, four rented flats, fifty-something holidays, and one affair apiece. Now, after fifteen years together (nine of them married) they’re on the brink.But as they go through couples’ mediation, revisiting and rediscovering their shared history in sessions surrounded by lawyers and paperwork, are they about to find something that’s worth saving? Or are they going to reaffirm their decision to end things for good?
Each section of the book is a focus area for the divorce mediation process: sex, home, money, family, us. Through this, the novel explores how marriage is built on bonds between people and the experiences they share. It goes back in time to reveal Dan and Anya’s past. And then returns to the present day as they work out their future.
272 printed pages
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Legend Press
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  • GrAYs greshas quotedlast year
    office looked exactly as Dan had thought it might. All glass panels, metal beams and revolving doors swallowing up and spitting out a parade of professional-looking
  • Cris Lohas quoted21 days ago
    waiting required the kind of patience and ability to compartmentalise that he simply didn’t have.
  • Cris Lohas quoted22 days ago
    Mediation is not about blame. Or scoring points off of one another for the things you each believe that the other did wrong. We’ll explore the past. But our focus is on the future only, and ensuring that we come to an understanding that is mutual, kind and created by you, not enforced on you

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