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Do you want to lose weight and are you fighting with your own Body and Mind?Do you want to know the then natural method to change?

Many people who are struggling with their weight every day but will never change this situation because they fear giving up their well-known habits. I understand that it's extremely hard to do the first step because we are afraid. We insist on things we know better, hence, we hate change.
You don't really imagine yourself slimmer and with an attractive body. You are convinced that your current shape will accompany you in your whole life.

The truth is….

Change is part of life so it is natural. Nothing is permanent, neither is your body shape. You don't have to live your whole existence in a body you don't like while there are ways to change it. Kilos are changeable things, nobody is born fat. It's not a disability that you cannot change.
Most bookshop shelves are full of books on diets, psychology, personal problems and growth, self-help, spiritual practices, and advice. However, only very few books deal with how our minds work and what to know about human nature in terms of self-growth. You can change something if you know what you need to change.

In this book you will discover:
·       How does the mind work?
·       Hypnotherapy step by step
·       How to use meditation and affirmation to weight lose
·       How to practice every day (strategies, mind exercise)
·       Mantra
·       Blasting calories
·       Food types you should avoid eating to lose weight
·       Great tips to eliminate your cravings
·       Improves your mode of eating
·       Fighting with yourself to lose weight

With this method, you can reach your desired weight, feel healthier and stay in shape for life with the right mind-set.


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