Kathryn Blanche

Hunted by Demons (Laila of Midgard Book 4)

“Rage burned in the Elf's eyes as flames shot from her hand and incinerated the Vampire. All that remained was a wisp of sizzling blue ash that quickly dissipated. Laila watched in horror, unable to control her actions, and for a split second, she swore she heard a voice in her head chuckle.”

Not all curses can be broken and not all wounds can be healed, but when her best friend is stabbed with a Demon's cursed blade, Special Agent Laila Eyvindr desperately searches for a miracle. Laila's ex-lover, Jerrik, believes he knows of a cure from his home-world of Svartalfheim. They set out to find the cure but Jerrik's complicated past may be a far greater obstacle than she anticipated.

Meanwhile, the Demons are growing bolder every day as they generate fear and unrest in Midgard. Their influence is spreading across the realms at a rate Laila never expected. While her divine powers give her strength, she finds herself torn between saving her dearest friend and saving the worlds.

Bonus Content:
Includes an annotated chapter from the author in the back of the book.
352 printed pages
Original publication



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