Karen Ann Bulluck

Ascending Ladders

“This is such bullshit,” Keisha went on. “I can’t even believe that you are still in this office. What are you hiding from? You should be hiding. Everyone in management should be hiding. How could you do this? You ought to be ashamed!”Sheryl took a step forward again. She struggled to remain calm.“Keisha,” she started.“Don’t Keisha me,” the younger woman interrupted. “I don’t want to hear what you have to say right now. There’s NOTHING you can say that would make any difference whatsoever. I have never been as insulted, degraded, or upset as I am at this very moment. And that’s sayin’ a lot. I’m outta here. Leaving. Done. Finished. No amount of money is worth what you’ve put me and all the rest of your staff through today. None. I’m not going to tolerate being treated with such disrespect, nor should anyone else here.”Shocked by the outburst, Sheryl just looked at her.* * *
Sheryl Simmons is well on her way up the corporate ladder. She’s smart and likable, and she’s climbing with integrity. But new investors are determined to increase company profits, provoking a seemingly drastic change in company’s culture, and Sheryl finds herself at a crossroads.Can she keep her career and her peace of mind or will corporate success mean compromising her values? Her search for answers will take her on a journey to the heart of who she is. She’ll be challenged to dig deep into her beliefs and summon the courage to honor both herself and the people around her.
203 printed pages
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