Joseph Murphy


Joseph Murphy has created a true classic masterpiece. Telepsychics will change your life.

This is a book for all spiritual paths. Dr. Murphy doesn’t preach or seek to exclude anyone. He simply lays the foundation for self-improvement through the scientific use of prayer concepts as a means of tapping your subconscious powers. The techniques that the author advocates here are most likely different from the way you were taught to pray in church, but they are probably more effective than anything you have ever experienced. The portions of the book on the utilization of dreams are also excellent.

Whoever you are, whatever your goals, visions, dreams, or life circumstances may be, this book will help you. Many readers feel that it is even better than Dr. Murphy’s most famous book, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind.

Murphy describes some very easy yet profound truths about using your subconscious mind and scientific prayer to achieve greatness. Learn how you can create success and change your life for the better.
254 printed pages
Original publication
G&D Media

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