Heather Ranier

Tales of the Goddessi

Every Tale has its beginning, though this one is just hitting its stride.
In the World of the Nine Goddessi, in the highgrass where the Bane stalk the night and eyeless beasts stalk the day, Kimber is following her path.

At her side is a woman who talks through walls and turns to stone, as much a mystery as the rel herself.

In her head the insistent voice of the Other warns of something coming, something they must not let out into the World.

Kimber and Cho move across the lands in search of the man with the burning hands, Hasana, and find themselves within the Greater Desert, unsupplied and unprepared, amidst the people of the Flame Mother, who are not known for their hospitality. They must face the challenges of the Kalrathi and its people to earn their place among them, to find the One Who is Hers, and perhaps to find the one place in the World where they might belong.

But conspiracy stitches its way through the fabric of the Sanaiians, pulling inward from all directions, bringing them all toward a confrontation that will not end cleanly, but will leave a Tale upon the World to be told forevermore wherever the people of the Flame Mother dwell.

Every step changes Kimber’s Tale and her Tale continues to change the World, for she is like nothing the World has ever seen. Follow her and her companions…

Along the Path
257 printed pages
Original publication


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