No, I Don't Want to Play Today, Brenda Jones
Brenda Jones

No, I Don't Want to Play Today

Would you want to play with a bully? This entertaining children’s story teaches the importance of kindness, tolerance, and friendship. Larry the Lion is king of the jungle — and he loves to remind the other animals about it — all the time! He boasts how great he is and points out what’s wrong with everyone else. He’s a big bully. He makes fun of one animal’s funny feet, calls another stupid, and bullies the rest just for fun. The other animals in the jungle decide that Larry is not nice to be around and they don’t want to play with him. It’s no wonder that he hears: No I Don’t Want to Play Today. Jill the jaguar knows that we are all important for our own special reasons. Can she convince Larry of this and get him to accept others for who they are? If not, Larry is going to be one lonely lion!
27 printed pages


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