Divine Names: Volume 1: Philosopher Palate Series, Pseudo Dionysius
Pseudo Dionysius

Divine Names: Volume 1: Philosopher Palate Series

133 printed pages
Pseudo Dionysius recaptures for us the true essence of, Who God is, who we are, and how all things exist within Him. So often we pull God down and into what we will have Him be. We will apply attributes and other factors to Him as though these are garnered from another source. When He's already explained to us WHO HE IS, when He responded: “I AM Who AM,” which could easily be parleyed into “I AM WHAT YOU NEED.” From the great plethora of written texts, there are two outstanding writers who must always be given due respect and recognition. In the Roman or Latin West its Augustine, and in the Greek East, it is Pseudo Dionysius. To appreciate and grasp the benefits, of what remains, of the Dionysian Corpus, it must be understood from his perspective, time, and place. He is at the turn of the millennial, he's no doubt classically trained and his rhetoric does not suffer, in forming his thorough and exhaustive explanations.
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