Vanessa Vale

The Cowboy

Emily Winston is happily leaving her old life behind to become a mail order bride for a man in the Montana Territory. Having spent the past six years as the ward of her aunt, a madame at a Minneapolis brothel, she is certainly more knowledgeable in the ways of men and women than the typical virgin. In fact, she has a secret. A secret she must keep from her groom until the last possible moment, when she is beneath him in their marital bed. The repercussions of this discovery could jeopardize her newfound freedom.

Wyatt Blake has put in his requirements with a matchmaking madame for a bride, unhappy with the selection of brides in his small town. He isn't looking for a meek, mild wife, but one who can meet all of his more carnal needs. When Emily arrives on the stage, he knows the match was well made. But he discovers there's more to Emily than just a normal wife.

When a simple bout of matchmaking raises questions and brings unforeseen complications, can their new marriage survive?
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Vanessa Vale
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