Peter Bongiorno

Put Anxiety Behind You

A Natural Approach to Dealing With Anxiety and Avoiding RelapseFrom naturopathic doctor and licensed acupuncturist Dr. Peter Bongiorno comes Put Anxiety Behind You, a step-by-step program for anxiety relief.
Health is not determined by one factor, and neither is anxiety. With many factors uniquely affecting the brain come different types of anxiety disorders. As he looks for and addresses underlying causes, Dr. Bongiorno helps readers develop awareness and new habits for dealing with anxiety.
How to calm anxiety head on. If you are one of the 40 million Americans trying to stop panic attacks, social anxiety, or other forms of debilitating anxiety, consider this book a personal mental health helpline. Learn how to safely wean from anti-anxiety medication and consider natural supplements for anxiety like herbs and B vitamins.
A naturopathic approach to optimal health. You have control over the majority of the factors causing anxiety: lifestyle, diet, sleep, genetics, etc. With a holistic approach taking all aspects of the mind and body into consideration, Put Anxiety Behind You offers wholesome natural remedies for anxiety, minus the anxiety medications. In addition to case studies and an instruction guide, find anxiety remedies like:
Foods and plant-based medicinesAnxiety-reducing yoga poses and massage techniquesAcupressure pointsIf you’re ready to move forward and address your anxiety, and enjoyed books like DareWhen Panic Attacks, and The Anti-Anxiety Food Solution, then Put Anxiety Behind You is your next step to holistic relief.
299 printed pages
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