Nicola Nichols

The Billionaire's Voice

Jeff Walker is a billionaire, and people are eager to please him. They’ll do almost anything he asks—and it isn’t just because he has money. Despite rather ordinary looks, he has a skill, one that is incredibly powerful — his voice. Something in the way he asks for things make people eager to give him what he wants, whatever he wants.

That voice helped make him a billionaire; that voice makes women submit to him — let him use them for his pleasure.

Even Sasha feels the compulsion to obey him. She knows she will cave in to that voice, but she won't make it easy for him. After all, her defiance turns him on and makes him want her all the more… more than the women who are willing to let him have them any way he wants.

But if she can hold out, maybe she can learn how that billionaire's voice works. If she can, then it would be the ticket to her own success with men and money.

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

She laughed. “I’ve got plans for us,” she said. Unable to count on Craig to get ideas, Sasha had her own. She’d bought some sex toys and downloaded some sex videos. “I’ve got…”

“But I have to go to Arizona in the morning,” he said.

“What? Summer vacation started. I have plans.”

“Jeff Walker needs me to go to the office there.”

She shook her head in disgust. “What about what I need?”

“He asked me this afternoon.”

“Do you have to do everything he asks?”

Craig turned to look at her. The uncertain, almost surprised expression that danced in his blue eyes told her that he’d never considered that idea. The question and her disapproving tone of voice startled him into thinking about it. “No. Of course not. But since I sold him the company, I do work for him.”

She could see the thoughts churning in his head, saw the way her observation upset his image of himself as a leader, rather than a follower. And he wondered why she asked. She could see that too. “I guess he asked nicely,” she said sarcastically.

“He told me the office in Arizona is in trouble. I told him I’d go there for a week and sort things out for him. That doesn't seem unreasonable.”

Sasha enjoyed watching Craig’s face, reading his expression. He had an awkward chin and sensual lips. That was the first thing she'd noticed when she first met him. His pale blonde hair was longish and framed his face with those lips and blues eyes.

Normally his voice was firm and masculine, but now he sounded defensive. She hadn’t intended to hurt him, but she was angry.

“Maybe it is reasonable, but you are so willing to do what he asks without question… more than when I ask you for something, like not screwing with my time off. Why is that?”

He took the drink Sasha had handed him and took a big swallow. “I’m not sure.” He thought for a moment. “I have noticed that most people do what he asks. And, when Jeff talks about anything important to him, when he asks for help, or even suggests an idea, his voice changes.”

“Changes how?”

Craig shook his head. “I can’t put my finger on it, but it does change. And then… the way he asks makes everyone want to please him — not just me. For some reason, when he uses that voice, it always seems important to do what he wants. I hadn't thought about it before, but it's real.” He looked at Sasha. “I think that might be one reason he is so successful.”

“His voice?” That made no sense.

“Yes. There is something in his voice that makes you want to make him happy.”

She didn't like the way he was coughing up excuses. “Call it what it is. When he wants something, you all suck up to him because he is rich. And that surprises me because it isn't like you.”
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