Candy Moore

Just Another Two Faced Chick

What would you do if at only 12 years old your mother was murdered right in front of you? The only person you ever loved, that loved you right back. This was exactly what happened to Natoya Rivers, her mother was murdered right before her very eyes by her abusive, drug-addict boyfriend; forcing Natoya to live a life on the streets.
Fast forward six years later, Natoya is now 18 years old and the only thing that motivates her to keep on living, was for one day to find Raymond; the man who killed her mother…and kill him herself!
Enters Demetrius a.k.a Meat, a street savvy bad boy who sees Natoya and wants nothing more than to make her his wifey. Natoya begins letting Demetrius into her chaotic life and slowly she starts forgetting about revenge, and instead starts thinking about love.
However what's in the dark soon comes to light, because Natoya's ghosts from her past finds their way in her present life. Will Demetrius soon find out that Natoya is nothing more than just another two-faced chick?
151 printed pages
Original publication



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