Alex Belfort and the Queen of Egypt, Marc Duncan
Marc Duncan

Alex Belfort and the Queen of Egypt

403 printed pages
Alex Belfort and his buddy Gary leave their lives in America and soon find themselves catapulted across the millennia by forces unknown to the ancients. When they arrive, they surmise that they have journeyed to the banks of the River Nile … three thousand years in the past.

There the two men must find a way to survive in an ancient and foreign land, one that is ruled by pharaohs and Egyptian gods alike. Alex befriends a beguiling woman, Nofratari Mari An Mut, whose name literally means “The beautiful one, beloved of Mut.” Also revered as divine mother Isis incarnate, his new friend is one of the most powerful women to have ever lived—and Alex is going to need a powerful protector to survive. The special bond that forms between the American man and the queen of Egypt is one of great spiritual awakening for both.

Nearly thirty years in the making, this epic time-travel adventure combines the excitement of a science-fiction story with a very detailed depiction of life in ancient times.
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