Scott Kelly

What I've Learned from You: The The Lessons of Life Taught to a Doctor by His Patients

What I've Learned from You is the story of the lessons of life taught to a doctor by his patients. It takes us on a journey from an inner-city trauma center to the bedside of a dying cancer patient. It explores human relationships and gives an intimate view into the window of the human condition. On the road to becoming a physician, Dr. Kelly longed to find serenity in a world of conflicting ideas and aspirations. The demands of his medical training left little time for personal growth so he reached out to those around him. He took notes in a journal on the lessons of life he learned from his patients and their families. They opened their hearts and exposed their wounds. He paid attention and listened, and his patients became his teachers. Late one winter night in 2006, while leafing through old papers, he came across his journal. It inspired this book, which began as an effort to preserve the stories to share with his children. Maybe, he thought, they could learn from them too. To his surprise, as he wrote, the stories evolved and beautifully took on a life of their own. Now Dr. Kelly shares them with his readers, so we can all learn from the wisdom and experiences of these remarkable individuals. What I've Learned from You is the story of love and pain and healing and sickness and birth and dying and all of the beautiful things in between. It brings compassion and empathy back to the art of medicine.
155 printed pages
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