Lynn Stannard

Precious Memories

How do I say thank you to such a dear friend?  A long-time intercessor, Marilyn has been faithful in prayer support for me for most of my life.  She remembers being part of a group of women who were praying in the kitchen for me, while I was in the living room learning some of the basics about being a real Christian.
When I visited her a few years ago, we were closing our time together with a prayer.  After the “Amen”, she looked directly at me and said, “I think you're going to write a book!”
I leaned back and laughed, “No way!”  I hadn't written much of anything.  I couldn't begin to imagine what I could possibly write about.  But we prayed again for the Lord's will to be done.
Over the next several months, some ideas began to come to my mind about “coincidences” and amazing answers to prayer that had occurred in my life.  I also recalled some heartwarming remembrances of lessons learned and tender experiences in the lives of some of my family, friends, and neighbors.  Recently, I started writing them down, beginning with the story, “Lunch with Connie.”
In this book you will find some of my favorite stories about some of my favorite people – my family and friends. A few of the stories are rather new, while others have been around for generations. Word for word, as they appear here, many of these tales could have been written by my husband or our daughters. The tales are as true as a 70 plus year old memory can recall.

Lynn Stannard
81 printed pages
Original publication


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