Seun Okikiola

Sexual Battles

Have you ever wondered if there's a secret to living a life of freedom and holiness? Have you wondered whether it is really possible to live a life free of sexual sin?Statistics today show that sexual problems such as porn addiction, fornication, and adultery are more prevalent than they have ever been before. The devastating effects of sexual addictions and sin are obvious throughout the world. Is there a key to freedom?In “Sexual Battles: Experiencing Lasting Victory over Sexual Sin”, author Seun Okikiola reveals his own past with these debilitating issues, and provides practical solutions to sexual addictions, as well as a guide to a life of purity in Christ. In this book, he exposes the root cause of sexual sin and addictions, and he provides practical and scripture based steps that will enable anyone to enforce and preserve his or her victory over any form of sexual sin and addiction.
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