J.R.Smalling,Mick Campise,Peter Oreckinto,Rick Munroe

Out On the Streets – (Edition #1)

The untold stories of the Original Kiss Krew ™, and how they helped to make KISS “The Hottest Band in the Land”

Each month we will publish a number of chapters online (Editions). We will continue releasing these editions until we have released the COMPLETE book, which we will then publish in HARD COVER printed format.

Each of the online editions will be available for download for $3.50 PER EDITION, with the final HARD COVER book containing ALL online chapters/editions offered for purchase at $25 each. A select number of HARD COVER copies individually signed by Peter “Moose” Oreckinto, J.R. Smalling & Rick Munroe will be offered for purchase at $40 each. Fans that have purchased 5 or more editions online will be eligible to purchase the Hard Cover book at a deeply discounted price.

In addition to the previously released online editions, the Hard cover book will also contain never before seen photos and additional Bonus material.
29 printed pages
Original publication


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