Rick Badman

The Russian Madhouse

The Russian Madhouse features an automotive engineer who becomes a director at an underground research and development installation in Siberia. He convinced the Russian President who looks like Stalin to start the installation that is referred to as the facility. Dick Thurman and his wife Kate arrive in February 2040 in a flying car.
The Russia President is shown weapons and enhanced humans he wants to use to rebuild his military that was almost destroyed in Israel. He also samples Russian Madhouse vodka and promotes it. Some are taken to Mars aboard spaceplane flown by a former nude model who is now a Christian Rocket scientist. On the way to Mars, the spaceplane is intercepted by the Starship Aremulac and Dick, Kate and Maria experience programs of various scenarios on their way to alien empire.
When the trio land on Mars and the Russian base, Kate's cousin is underground where the Marsians escaped to in 1870 and becomes earth's ambassador since his ancestor came from Mars. He also marries a Marsian woman he brings with him to the surface. Eventually, he starts a tourism company for earth visitors to Mars via transporter.
There is a Chinese spy that was made to lock a Siberian who transfers technology to China. But interdimensional watchers make sure he doesn't transfer too much information. Eventually, he dies in a crash before he can escape to China. A pornographer is confronted be Kate, Maria, and Dollia who is an android and put in his place by Dollia. At ballet performance featuring Dollia, her cyborg son who is pregnant and her cyborg daughter join her husband who helped create a biosynthetic replicate of the Russian President before he can start WWIII.
311 printed pages
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