Wasting Time on the Internet, Kenneth Goldsmith
Kenneth Goldsmith

Wasting Time on the Internet

241 printed pages
In Wasting Time on the Internet, Goldsmith expands upon his provocative insights, contending that our digital lives are remaking human experience. When we’re “wasting time,” we’re actually creating a culture of collaboration. We’re reading and writing more—and quite differently. And we’re turning concepts of authority and authenticity upside-down. The internet puts us in a state between deep focus and subconscious flow, a state that Goldsmith argues is ideal for creativity. Where that creativity takes us will be one of the stories of the twenty-first century.
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We are awash in a new electronic collective unconscious; strapped to several devices, we’re half-awake, half-asleep. We speak on the phone while surfing the web, partially hearing what’s being said to us while simultaneously answering e-mails and checking status updates.
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