Monique Jones

The Book of Awesome Black Americans

“Activists and rap stars, abolitionists and pioneers, inventors and scientists surge with life throughout this thrilling and comprehensive work.” —Jennifer Maritza McCauley, National Endowment for the Arts Fellow
A #1 Bestseller in Teen & Young Adult 21st Century U.S. History
We are familiar with a handful of African Americans who are mentioned in American history books, but there are also countless others who do not get recognized in mainstream media. Their actions may not have appeared to shake the world, but their contributions to shifting American culture were just as groundbreaking.
The achievements of the Black Americans included in this book range from athletic to artistic, literary to scientific. Their biographies vary greatly, but each one contributes to the course of Black history and its influence on the greater world. Their stories encourage readers, especially teenage boys and girls, to find their own path to change.
Monique L. Jones’s The Book of Awesome Black Americans is more than a Black history book. It’s a celebration of Black people. In this book, you will find: Amazing role models who brought on change by using their gifts and passions to overcome societal barriersStories mainstream media failed to mention that are sure to inspire, motivate, and educate readers of all backgroundsTestimonies that demonstrate how American culture thrives when it celebrates diversity and promotes inclusiveness
“Belongs on every coffee table in America. Monique Jones packs her book with astonishing stories of bravery, grit, and joy. The astonishing anecdotes of overlooked personalities and heroes will ensure you never look at history the same again. Who says history has to be boring?” —Li Lai, founder of Mediaversity Reviews
277 printed pages
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