Andrew Pappachen

Darkness to Light

A young boy grew up abused by his father who was alcoholic and physically used to abuse his wife after getting drunk every evening. He never abuse his three girls. By the time he became an adult the father dies, his sisters all got married and moved out. He was living with his mother and later moved out. He found some small job and met several women. During a physical fight he killed one of the women he was living with and went away. He was caught later and convicted of murder. While in jail, his mother visited him regularly. His jail warden given him Bible and other religious books to read. He got enlighten and request the mother that he wanted to see his sisters who he had not seen for years. He reinstate the relationships. When he got out of the jail, the whole family united. The story is about how an abused child tuned into into bad adult and become a criminal.

96 printed pages
Original publication



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