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Laura Lovecraft

Shhh! Don't Tell My Brother

Julie and her younger brother Kyle have always been close. Her brother is a great guy, but so shy and awkward with girls he's still a virgin. When a girl plays a cruel prank on him, leaving him heartbroken, Julie vows to get him laid. Inspired by a sexy video called 'Guess Who,' Julie talks her best friend into sneaking into her brother's room at night and sleeping with him.

She arranges for her to do it the night of her slumber party, so Kyle will never know which girl it was who seduced him in the dark. But when her friend backs out last minute, Julie decides to do it herself. Kyle's room is pitch dark, and she doesn't say a word. There's no way he'll ever find out it was her, right? Wrong. ~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~
This time it would be her fault. This was her idea and it had blown up on her. If only she hadn’t left the damn note or Mindy had found out her bad news an hour sooner. But what was done was done. Kyle was going to be crushed again and it was all on her. He wouldn’t know that, but she would.

He wouldn’t know. Again, the words triggered the taboo thought of Julie doing it herself. He wouldn’t see her, he wouldn’t hear her, and he’d never think it was her. He’d never think it because it was sick!

Or was it? Julie wouldn’t be doing it because she lusted for him, or had any unnatural feelings for him. She’d be doing it because she loved him and wanted to help him through a tough time. Her mind continued down the bizarre path as if one part of her were talking the sane part of her into it.

Who better to do this for him? Mindy was doing it a favor to her and a sleazy little thrill. If Kyle got too nervous, who’s to say Mindy would be as patient as she said she’d be? Maybe she’d get aggravated and leave in the middle of it, or have a what the fuck am I doing moment and back out in the beginning?

If Julie decided to do it, she’d be as patient as she needed to be and if he had a problem like yesterday she’d…what? The voice of sanity returned. Could she go down on him, get on top and ride him?

It was crazy, twisted, wrong, sick…

But who would know? No one, except Julie. Even Kyle would never know. He’d think it was one of the five cute girls downstairs and it might drive him crazy, but he’d eventually settle for it being a hot time and move on, and that’s what this was about, getting her brother to be able to move on with girls.

This wasn’t sick, it was love and sacrifice for her brother who she knew would do anything for her. Would he fuck you? Her fading conscious asked. That was followed by the uneasy thought he’d admitted he’d been staring at her lately.

But he would never do anything with her, at least not knowingly, so what did that matter. Julie fished out a quarter from the dish of change next to her.

Heads, she’d listen to reason and let tonight runs its course and just try to comfort him tomorrow. Tails, he’d be getting a piece of tail, his sister’s tail.

She balanced the coin on her bent thumb and flicked it into the air. Julie caught it in her palm and flipping her hand over, slapped the coin down into the back of her other hand. She took a deep breath and lifted her hand to look at the coin.

It was her little brother’s lucky night.

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