Frederica Matthewes-Green

The Open Door

Discover how icons can become part of your own life of prayer.

Encounter twelve of the world's most significant Orthodox icons with one of today's best-loved spiritual writers as your guide.

«The Open Door provides an open window into a radically different approach to spiritual formation, one that is more ancient/Eastern than modern/Western, one that feels refreshingly new as well as seasoned, rich, and time-tested.»
—Brian McLaren, author of Everything Must Change and A Generous Orthodoxy

«The joy of [this] book is to allow us to meet the icons where the saints want us to meet them – face to face in a prayer corner, in candlelight as we approach the altar, above the beds of our sleeping children. … This book is a call to stand still, take a deep breath and face the cloud of witnesses.»
—Terry Mattingly, columnist, Scripps Howard News Service
114 printed pages
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