Ashley Carson,Yolanda Nash

Recipes From Home: Weight Loss with Grain Free and Blood Type Recipes

Recipes from Home: Weight Loss with Grain Free and Blood Type Recipes covers two distinctive diet plans the grain free diet and the blood type diet. Even though these two diets are more for health reasons they also make great weight loss plans. The grain free recipes and blood type recipes are very good weight loss recipes. These diets are good weight loss programs generally targets foods that helps to lose weight in one month or longer. The Recipes from Home book contains these sections: Blood Type Diet, How the Blood Type Affects Diet, What the Opposition Says About Blood Type Diets, Blood Types, Blood Type O Diet, Blood Type A Diet, Blood Type B Diet, Blood Type AB Diet, Blood Type Recipes, Blood Type O Recipes, Blood Type A Recipes, Blood Type B Recipes, Blood Type AB Recipes, Grain free Recipes, Tasty Grain Free Recipes, and Your Grain Free Meal Plan. A sampling of the included recipes are: Grain Free Pizza, Gluten Free Turkey Club, Breakfast Cereal Sans Gluten, Apple Cobbler, Grain Free Breaded Chicken, Risotto Tomato Rice, Chicken curry, Bagels, Nutty Baked Yellow Delicious Apples, Veggies and Goat's Cheese Dip, Roasted Sweet Potatoes, Baked Italian Meatballs, Loaf of Bread, CranNut Cake, Potato chips, Rice Stuffing, Salmon with Eggplant, Rice Bread, Fudge Cookies, Sardine Salad Spread, Potato Salad, Meat Loaf, Dinner Rolls, Sugar Cookies, Spinach Dip with Artichokes, Italian Chicken Breasts, Chicken and Bean Stew, and Cheese Ball with Herbs.
85 printed pages
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