Tella Olayeri

Deliverance Prayer For Last Born

This book is an eye opener prayer book to all last born children ready to run a winning race that will make him/her a gallant man or woman in the house. The phrase, “mistakenly born child”, is not your portion. You are not born to fill a vacuum but to play wonderful role in the home front.

It is on record, many gallant men and women are last born of the family. The fact is, you are not a bench warmer or a second class citizen in the home front or among peers. God have reasons for creating you.

Brethren, you are great!, march on, you are precious and wonderful, capable of surmounting problems and challenges of live. You are not ordinary but a shining star in the family and of this generation. This must be the reason God made you the last born of the family.

This book shall accelerate you from a zero to a hero level. Little eyes and little mind people use to measure you shall soon become eyes and mind that witness great talents God deposits in you. As you pray the prayers in this book, heaven shall open for your sake.

I prophesy to your life; very soon people shall rally round to celebrate sudden elevation God shall give you.

52 printed pages
Original publication
Tella Olayeri



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