Elianor M.A.

Dealing with Dramedies

With wild nights and wacky misadventures, turning eighteen is supposed to be “sick.”

That is, unless you literally get sick.

Dealing with Dramedies is an honest look into the glamorously unglamorous triple life of a restless perfectionist, a university student dealing with her own dramatic comedy and her rapid physical regression from a rare autoimmune disorder. Award-winning screenwriter and author Elianor M.A. writes about taking setbacks and difficulties, whether it's an illness, dysfunctional family, or a demanding workload, and transforming them into success and humor that makes it all worthwhile.

Read stories of how Elianor and acclaimed storytellers managed to turn their struggles into strengths including:
How Oscar nominee Nadine Labaki received global praise coming from an underrepresented backgroundHow Dr. Jill Bolte-Taylor, as a neuroanatomist and author of My Stroke of Insight, persevered after her serious strokeHow You's Caroline Kepnes turned her interior monologues into a worldwide bestseller and basis for its successful Netflix adaptationHow screenwriter Anna Klassen made it in Hollywood despite being discouraged to chase after La La Land…and many more!

Reader, you may have had your fair share of trauma, but it's possible to look it right in the eye, laugh, and leverage it to your advantage. You're not alone, and you're not doomed.
196 printed pages
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