Harald Lutz Bruckner

Harald's Garland

Rise and Fall of the Hahnenkamms: «I'll be damned! A bigamist to boot!» was all Apfelbaum could say as he struck his desk with his right fist. Sattler suffered momentary Maulsperre [lockjaw]. Recovering from the initial shock, he smiled at Amalia Dorothea and got out of his chair. He extended his right hand . . .
The Betrayal: Yes, she had been betrayed and robbed, but the thieves had not broken into her home. She, herself, had admitted the thieves into her home . . .
Mission Hills Misery: «You go look. It's giving me the willies," she summoned Harry. He pushed the door open and gasped. “Holy shit! Come and see!” Harry couldn't figure out how it had happened, but Diefenblicker's massive body was lying on the floor, wedged between the bathtub and the vanity . . .
A Question of Balance: Of course, I should have remembered the old inertia trick. A body in motion stays in motion. As soon as I tried stopping my bike by putting my feet on the ground, I took a flying leap over the handlebars and landed on my knees in a puddle of mud. I was so embarrassed I felt neither pain nor the blood trickling from my scraped knees. Like a good fifty-three-year-old kid, I got back on the bike as soon as the snickering group had passed by . . .
Second Chance: She gently rubbed her nose against his and he reciprocated. As the young male moved further away from Karola's vantage point, little Miss Cottontail followed him only too willingly. Karola's eyes brimmed with tears. She lifted her glass in the direction of the two lovers. «Here's to your second chance.”
A Memorable Christmas:  «Why do you look so unhappy? Didn't the presents we selected give you any joy whatsoever?” his mother asked softly. «We thought you would be more mature and would appreciate these items of which you truly have much need. I know what you are looking for, but it shouldn't be the only thing to make you enjoy this special Christmas. Why don't you look at your gifts more carefully? Perhaps the Christ child's messenger was a slight bit devious.”
Questioning God's Infallibility: «Out of the clear blue, Mary startled me into reality by posing her fateful question: 'Have you ever considered answering an ad in the lonely heart's column in our local paper?'"
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