Where Men Sit, Katlyn Charlesworth
Katlyn Charlesworth

Where Men Sit

For the residents on both sides of the towns, the gloomy Northwood Manor up on the eastern hill is not something to speak of. However, when the odd Cornelius Grey moved into the damaged property, tongues cannot help but wag. And thanks to Dinah Dunnivan, her high-society family is Mr. Grey's first acquaintances. But everything at Northwood is not what it seems and the peculiar Cornelius Grey may have more secrets than the Dunnivans originally thought. In a single night, everything they built can be shattered.

In a miraculous tale of societal expectations, the fine line of power between what can be seen and what can't, and the curse of a facade… Where Men Sit questions everything you believe in and even the things you don't believe.
115 printed pages
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