Anjuli Seth Nayak

Plucked from a Mango Tree: An Indian Woman's Journey Across the Ocean, Through Cancer, and to Freedom

Anjuli thought she had it all: a successful medical practice, loving husband, three wonderful sons. Then the diagnosis of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia threatened to take her life within weeks.

Plucked from a Mango Tree is Anjuli Nakak's inspiring story of how she battled to overcome seemingly impossible obstacles. At a time when little money was spent to educate girls in India, she was determined to become a doctor.

After graduating from medical school, she moved to America. Once there, she worked hard to establish herself in her profession and to adapt to a new culture. Discovering Christianity opened her eyes to yet another new world.

Then came the diagnosis. She thought as a doctor, she knew what to expect. She didn't. Months of treatment wiped out her cancer, but left her weak and exhausted. Her faith helped her find the strength to not just survive, but to to create a new, fulfilling life.

Anyone who's had cancer or helped another through it can be inspired by this poignant story.
261 printed pages
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