Jackals, Kurt Bartling
Kurt Bartling


Book 2 of the Balance Series.
They’ve escaped the Bunker, their lives now their own. Experts in subterfuge and discovery unlikely, but knowing what they know, can they leave well enough alone? Rena’s disclosure changed everything. Why they were in the Bunker, how Michael can do what he can do … and most importantly, how to bring about the fall of the Elite. More secrets are yet to be revealed … What is the Nexus, and how its existence jeopardizes the SuperElite? Who are the Jackals? Most importantly, why is Michael the key to the collapse of the Elite World Order? Michael and Rena race around the globe, Saudi Arabia, Russia, France, England and the United States … acting against the Jackals; the most powerful people in the World. Doing what they’d been trained to do … infiltrate and assassinate. Michael embraces his mantle as the Harbinger of Death, taking his reputation to new levels. Rena proves to be the more dangerous than any realized, discovering… The Theory of Jackals.
404 printed pages
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