Buck Stienke,Ken Farmer

Aurora: Invasion

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The reptilian race from Alpha Draconia, known as the Reptiods, return to Earth where they were once worshiped as Gods—first by the Atlantiens as Tehuti; Egypt as Thoth; Sumeria as Ea and finally in Mesoamerica as the Toltecs' Gukumatz; the Mayans Kukulcan and Quetzalcoatl by the Aztec.

Lucy's team of Annunaki Watchers—Grays—fail to stop the entire Reptoid fleet inside Mars' orbit. Four of the giant T-Cruisers with their fleets of Reapers and Death Globes make it past the Tyranian Superdreadnaught Maulers and head to Earth to begin a grisly harvest of human protein from their subjects.

She contacts her friend Darrell Bone in Cross, Texas and transports him into the inner sanctum of the only organization she knows of who have a chance to defeat the deadly reptilian Draconians and save Earth…The Black Eagle Force.

Has the BEF met its match? Can they help the Gray Watchers in their eons of intense hatred for the malevolent Reptoids? The BEF and Bone join forces.
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313 printed pages


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