Amy Bardot

Intermediate Guide to Serger

Have you considered using a baseball bat on your serger, after countless broken threads and uneven stitches?

Are you still frightened to use your serger, even after having done a few stitches on it?

Do you want to unlock the true potential of your serger?

Do you want to save $37+ on the classes and workshops, and start getting better at serging sitting at home?

Well then fear not, I, Amy Bardot, will solve your problems and make you better at using a serger at the same time!

Inside this book you'll discover…

The #1 key factor to improving stitch formation while using a serger

How to unlock your serger's true potential

How to diagnose the problem with your threading very quickly and without frustration

How to revive expensive sergers back to life

How to adjust the knife system in your serger

How to troubleshoot your serger, even if you lost your manual

The top 2 best materials to make baby blankets

Christmas stockings — How to make them in 12 simple steps

Here are the answers to some questions you might have about this book:

Q: I'm frustrated with other books that have directions for older sergers from 20 years ago. Does your book focus on the recent models?

A: Yes. In fact, the directions are step-by-step with illustrations, and designed such that they can be used for any serger.
So whether you have the latest Juki or the original baby lock from the 60s, you can begin your serging journey here!

Q: Does your book have color or b/w images?

A: The images inside this book are b/w illustrations meant to show clearly the intricacies of all techniques and projects.

Q: I'm not really sure of all things my serger does. Does your book shed some light on what I can do with it?

A: Yes. Solving the mysteries of your serger has been given special attention in this book. There is an entire section in the book on just that.
This is a book that acts as an accessory for your serger.

The chapters are not long boring narratives, but broken into small sections accompanied by many pictures.

You will find even more uses out of your serger than before.

Every day that you delay is another day your serger stays in a box collecting dust.

Don't give up on your expensive serger yet.

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