The Jewels of the Elements, Stephen Brooke
Stephen Brooke

The Jewels of the Elements

Newly wed Marana and Saj thought they had put all adventure and magic behind them. It was time to start a new life in the south as colonists on the Isle of Lorj, their only concerns business and family. Yes, Saj had powers of foreseeing. Yes, they still had the Eyes of the Wind, those four mystical jewels, carefully hidden away. The couple would just as soon forget all that! But others had not. The priests of Munu still coveted the stones, and the followers of the evil god Asak. On the other side of the world, the mighty Wizard-Lord had been alerted to their presence and sent forth agents, wielding dark magic. Only their own wits and abilities, and the ancient wizard Im — with his amoral demon servant — stand between them and their enemies, in the sequel to ‘The Eyes of the Wind’ and the Second Book of the Sajam Saga, ‘The Jewels of the Elements,’ a fantasy novel by Stephen Brooke, set in the world of Donzalo’s Destiny.
220 printed pages
Original publication
Arachis Press


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