Matt Muscatell

40 Days To Freedom

Your days of living in defeat are over!
Are you tormented with doubts, anxieties, and fear about life?  Do you struggle with habits that are hard to break?  Are you trapped by the pain of your past or the uncertainty of the future?  Is the voice of defeat and hopeless causing you to give up?
Embark on a journey over the next forty days as you discover the amazing truth that God has provided everything you need to live in freedom from whatever is defeating you, causing you to struggle, keeping you trapped, and coaxing you to believe the lie that you are helpless and hopeless.
40 Days to Freedom will help you fully embrace the life God intended for you to live.  Learn how to encounter Jesus, know and trust the truth of God's Word, and experience the presence of the Holy Spirit.  No matter where you are in life, this book will reveal the great love and power of God that can transform you from the inside out.  Get ready— you will never be the same again!
160 printed pages
Original publication



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