Perennial, Kelly Forsythe
Kelly Forsythe


39 printed pages
The events of 1999’s Columbine shooting preoccupy Forsythe in these poems, refracting her vision to encompass killer, victim, and herself as a girl, suddenly aware of the precarity of her own life and the porousness of her body to others’ gaze, demands, violence. Deeply researched and even more deeply felt, Perennial inhabits landscapes of emerging adulthood and explosive cruelty—the hills of Pittsburgh and the sere grass of Colorado; the spines of books in a high school library that has become a killing ground; the tenderness of children as they grow up and grow hard, becoming acquainted with dread, grief, and loss.
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b6513753631shared an impressionlast year

@bookmate, кажется, что здесь ошибка в тегах - 'self-help & psychology' явно не имеют отношения к этой книге.

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