Gilbram Westarb Borgonovo

Ho’oponopono LSP© Personal conflict management with LEGO

Ho’oponopono LSP© conflict management based on Lego® Serious Play®Ancient Hawaiian practice to solve problems with LEGO®, assuming multiple forms of perception, of the eloquence of the holistic view, the work dialogues with the reader's intimate, social and spiritual sphere, taking on a life of its own. The most vigilant reader will notice in the work the practices of the author Gilbram Westarb Borgonovo's experience and his innovative business model. The registration of the work's authenticity was done through the Ethereum Blockchain. The author assigns the rights through a certificate of title of “Facilitator” declared for commercial or personal use, use of the content for educational materials of the work in global territory. This means that as a Facilitator you will be able to explore the work commercially, charge for face-to-face and online lectures, consultancies, among others. In the personal area you can enjoy the title for curricula and career promotion and develop educational content with the work and its images. Facilitator LSP© collection was developed to be playful and features 3D images modeled by the author himself, easy to understand reading, and participation in discussions and updates of works through a forum.
85 printed pages
Original publication



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