Dejah Rice

Gunning For Your Love

Gunzayla Acker is a twenty-seven-year-old housewife to Mayor Jordan Acker. Her only purpose in life is to take care of home; her two twins, Jayla and Jamal; and of course, her husband and his every need. At least that's how Mayor Acker sees it. But, what he doesn't know is that his wife is unhappy in their marriage, and she has been living a double life for years. Gunzayla, known as Gunzz in the hood, is the biggest Queen pin to ever do it, and she's feared on every block. How could she not be with a motto like «Kill first because the dead doesn’t talk»? Leading separate lives has never crossed paths before, and she's managed to keep them both under wraps. But what she doesn't know is that her mayor husband has been getting quite a few complaints about the killing rate going up and about all of the drug dealers.
The city doesn’t know much, but what they do know is that some “guy” by the name of Guns is responsible for it all. Not quite sure about what to do, Mayor Acker brings in the FBI to investigate the case named “Guns.” Oblivious to her operation being investigated, she adds a few new faces to her team. She wants someone more eager, more willing, and down for whatever. Well, she gets just that with 18-year-old Ace Smith. With her marriage being anything less of great, he’s temptation at its finest, but she doesn’t want to have to keep another secret from her husband. Too bad Ace doesn’t care about that at all, and he’s definitely gunning for her love by any means necessary.
Will Mayor Acker find out that his wife is in fact the vicious Gunzz? Will Gunzz be able to keep up with her double life she's lived for years? Will temptation with this new guy be the start of love? Or will it in fact be the beginning to her end?
132 printed pages
Original publication



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