Aaliyah Jackson

Interracial & Dripping Bundle

This erotic bundle contains the following titles:

Dripping Sweat

When Courtney is approached by a detective, she tells him to go to hell. After all, she was raised in the hood and in the streets of New York there’s nothing worse than a snitch. Even though she’s gone to college and earned her degree to try and improve her future, she kept getting dragged in by her old lifestyle and her abusive drug dealing boyfriend, Tyler. When the detective asks her to collect evidence to put her thug boyfriend behind bars, she tries to leave — that is, until he makes her an offer she can’t refuse. Courtney will be caught up in between two worlds as she finds herself falling for the detective, while having to become even more involved in her boyfriend’s life of crime. Tyler would kill her if he ever found out what she was doing… Giving up on everything she once believed in, she finds herself falling into a world of deceit, drama and explicit unbridled passion. Within days her life is flipped upside down as the detective changes her emotionally, physically, and sexually. Will Courtney be able to rise above it all and do the right thing, or will she find herself caught in the middle of a very compromising situation?

My Secret White Baby

Nikki's boyfriend Jordan is taking her for granted in a real way — she's lucky if she can get a word out of him, let alone some love and affection. So when her girl comes to visit, why shouldn't she hit up the club? Her innocent intentions don't mean much when Jake, the owner of the club, spots her on the dance-floor and decides he likes what he sees. Nikki has no plans to cheat, that is, until she gets a text from her friend with a picture of Jordan getting into some ho's car. A night of drunken, unprotected passion in the VIP is just the start for Nikki though, when a few weeks later she takes a pregnancy test only to find out that's pregnant with Jake's baby!


When La’Quisha finds herself completely broke with nobody to rely on, she has to do something fast. She has 15 dollars to her name, and nobody will hire her — that is, except for Monte Escorts, an exclusive escorting company that caters to upscale clientele. La’Quisha was raised in a strict family and it goes against all her morals, but the money is almost too good to be true: $2,000 per session.

Summoning up all her courage, she decides to not only sign up, but to sign up to service groups, which would give her over $10,000 per session. She needs the money, but still, nothing can prepare her to be dominated by multiple men at once!
65 printed pages
Original publication



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