A Lustful Night with a Stranger, Clara Cummings
Clara Cummings

A Lustful Night with a Stranger

When Atty. Micheal Goldberg decided to have his last glass of whisky and go back to his hotel room because there is nothing interesting in the bar, the sexiest and prettiest lady he had even seen walked in. He treated her to a drink and he managed to convince her to the dance floor later. With his bold advancements while dancing, Kelly Hudson became more vulnerable and he saw indications of lust in her eyes. The encounter leads back to the hotel room for a night of pleasure.

Excerpt: Her squirming and loud moaning were so great to watch and to hear. She looked as if she was new to oral sex while Michael’s warm lips and tickling tongue were everywhere.
She shrilled when she felt his lips intensely pressed against her entrance while his tongue reached and brushed her sensitive walls.
“Oh yes! Eat that pussy!” she groaned as he added more vigor in his oral ministrations. He kept on sucking and licking until she arched her back higher and her screams of pleasure filled the room.
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