Godwin Arisa

Effective Prayers

The heart of God is to show much love to those who believe in him as they express their dependence and need for him. It is through right-asking that the heart of God will be proven to you. Effective Prayers — Prayers that move God’s heart is a book about the kind of prayers that will tap into God’s power to change an oppressive earthly reality in your life, whatever it may be. This book presents evidence that the heart that enters into a partnership with him will reach the place of right-praying, where the believer is able to draw God’s attention in prayer, and leave you with a personal story that his promises to those who believe are true. As a guide book on right-praying, it teaches core lessons on prayer and provides spiritual insights into what makes prayer work. The book exposes obstacles to prayer that many believers do not consider. It is remarkably insightful of the foundation — the life, thought, and language behind prayers that move the heart of God. The lesson on contents of effective prayers is ground-breaking, and the chapter on learning to pray is a valuable resource for beginners and seasoned believers alike. Clearly, this book draws from years of ministry and personal experiences of God at work in amazing ways to change lives, heal illness and diseases, provide for his children, defend lives from all sorts of dangers, even unknown dangers, and do things that reveal him as “Lord of all.”

The stories here about what God has done are relatable, and draw from ministry and life experiences of the author and other believers. Above all, the power herein is the voice of God in scripture that echo loudly through every thought and divine message in this book. The reader of “Effective prayers, prayers that move God’s heart” is in for an exciting journey led by prayer, in partnership with God Almighty.
240 printed pages
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