Olwyn Harris

Sapphires of Hope

“There is no way,” she thought, “that I am going to use this!”  She had desperately searched their cupboards for something, anything that would come close to what she needed for her catering project.  She found only this old dilapidated breadbasket that looked like the sort of junk that comes from one of those tacky jumble-sale stalls…
Andi and Jo are best friends… they do pretty much everything together.  So, when Andi has a catering assignment due, and only a tacky old basket to use, Jo helps her pull off the faded decorations, revealing a time-capsule of historical information, and in order to understand what it means, Andi and Jo ask their elderly neighbour to take them to visit the farm where the basket came from.  They find themselves dumped back in history at the time of Federation, embroiled in circumstances that nearly cost Andi her life and threatens the livelihood of the people living there.  How can they ever hope to keep going when things are spinning out of control?
235 printed pages
Original publication



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