Michael G.Quirk

Destiny's Highway: In My Heart, I Shine, I Am My Strength

In Destiny's Highway: “In My Heart, I Shine, I Am My Strength”, Michael Quirk further develops and explains the structure behind the characters presented in the book Destiny's Highway: Right in Front of Your Face. Michael shares even further his wisdom and self-help experience in teaching people to heal themselves in a profound way. Michael, a trained engineer and psychologist/hypnotherapist, has spent 30 years as a therapist perfecting his truly unique, mind-blowing, and simple methodology to heal people, bring awareness, and propel them into their true destiny.

What makes this material unique is that Michael uses the same principle for everyone, no matter what age, sex, or social background. These principles apply to everyone, no matter the situation. Michael shows us that we are all seeking awareness and struggling on some level of our lives, and this struggle highlights our unworthiness. It is this unworthiness where Michael uses his techniques to clear all past issues and helps people overcome depression, learn empathy and to love themselves. They can then use this new-found worthiness to create fulfillment, love, and happiness. The material works on a dynamic level, and engages people on a feeling level while they find their life purpose.

All through our lives we are taught not to listen to our feelings but cover them up. We are taught to survive, put on a brave face, and carry on. We bottle up our feelings and any sign of showing them is considered a weakness. But these bottled-up feelings manifest as all sorts of diseases, affecting both physical and mental health. We are not at ease within, not do not have a peace within that shows up on the outside. The cost-physically, mentally, financially, and socially-will usually be seen by yourself when you are at some breakdown point.

Michael's philosophy throughout the book is about working with feelings. In fact, he advocates that all the answers lie within our feelings. In this book, you receive the wisdom and experience of a man who has spent his whole life devoted to finding a new and simple way to help people achieve true happiness.
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