Ria Smit

Simply Living in the LIGHT

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Growing up and learning about faithfulness to Church did not help the author when, as an adult, she faced life's challenges.
After her life completely broke down she ended up in a psychiatric hospital. It was after this that she was introduced to Christians who believed in the reality of Jesus.
Associating with them and, over a period of three months experiencing their unconditional love, the author also committed her life to Jesus. The changes were dramatic, and in many cases, totally unexplainable. Everyone commented on the changes.
In very difficult situations, such as having a stranger force himself into her house, she relates the miraculous ways in which she was rescued.
My efforts were not appreciated and he yelled at me, “Shut up!” That spurred me on to continue to call out as loud as I could. He became angry and used his right fist to hit my face on the left side. It did not shut me up, but after one hard punch I lost my balance and was down on the floor. As I still had my hands on the hammer, I used that to lift myself up and continue the scenario in the same manner.
Suddenly he let go of the hammer with his left hand and put it behind him. I was terrified that he might have a knife and continued calling on Jesus. Then I noticed that he was now looking very seriously past the left side of my head and his face showed fear. Then he mumbled the words, “O.K., I'll go.” With that, he opened the front door and shot out leaving me standing there with the hammer.
These events occurred over the years, in three different countries. Her experience with Jesus was the same in each country. Each situation taught more about how Jesus really wants to assist us in our daily life as well as in exceptional circumstances.
Reading this book will elevate your expectations of what you may encounter when walking with Jesus.

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Ria Smit



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